"Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?"

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A masterpost of websites for students taking Biology or chemistry courses (in the UK), some websites may be AQA (biology) and OCR (chemistry) orientated, but most are universal and can be used for all exam boards! If any links aren’t working then please let me know :)
“+" = Biology, “-" = Chemistry,  ”*" = Biology AND Chemistry, italics = my personal favourites or good quality :)

Freeze frame study of Elsa in Let it Go ❄

So. Tired.

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Hey guys! I’ve chosen the mantra for the month of October! It’s from goodgrades-goodcoffee! It says “Do today what others won’t so you can be tomorrow where others can’t”. I just really love it and it’s a good reminder to make the most of today because it will definitely affect how our tomorrow and future can be. Don’t waste it guys! Anyways, if your mantra wasn’t picked, no need to worry because I might just pick that for next month’s mantra! You guys have sent in so many good ones, it was definitely hard to pick just one!!! Thank you all for the overwhelming participation! :) Until next time! Au revoir! :)
"The actual act of retrieving the information over and over, that’s what makes it retrievable when you need it."
Studying With Quizzes Helps Make Sure the Material Sticks (via gjmueller)

Study hard but cute on We Heart It.